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Hi! I'm Anna.

Anna Oszvald a.k.a. @oszvaldann, is a botanical illustrator based in Budapest, with a serious obsession to lines and botanicals.

Oh yes, and details.

Her botanical journey started after her son was born, as a naptime hobby. By that time she was working as an engineer in the automotive industry, in the need for creating some aesthetic value too. Drawing flowers started as a hobby with making an Instagram account, and taking part in a daily drawing challenge, but Anna’s passion made her stay up at night, drawing flowers every single stolen minute a mommy can afford. Right after creating the Instagram account and drawing the first ten flowers, the teaching attitude appeared in Anna’s work. She started to film how she drew to show others, how her illustrations were created. This became the real passion. Not only taking the positive feedback for the illustration itself, but showing her audience how to draw.

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