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Where to put shadows and highlights? ✨TRICK✨

Hi Friends,

Today I thought I share a little trick with you! I will show you how I make my work easier when using a reference photo.

I like to use a reference photo when drawing a flower, because it can give wonderful ideas for making a drawing more realistic. It helps me to decide where to put shadows and highlights to achieve a real 3D look.

Sometimes it is hard to see the shadow and highlight areas on the photos, because the difference between them is way too small. But here is my little trick I will share with you below.

I use the Instagram app to edit the photo, because I am sure, that all of you have it too.

At the end of the video I show you several examples, where the shaded areas pop, and make an effective visual guide for a successful drawing session.

Isn't is really easy? :)

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Jul 21, 2021

Wow, such useful tip!! Thank you Anna

Aug 10, 2021
Replying to

Yayy, I am happy you liked it😘

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